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Property is a people business

My name is Matylda Nowak I am an author of the Brixton Property Blog and in-demand industry trainer.

I am passionate about properties, most likely because I understand this industry from every angle, I was a tenant, landlord, vendor, buyer, investor, I am also running lettings management and sales agency

This also gives me experience which has given me opportunity to see all sides of the property business which is quite helpful when it comes to take an action.

London has several interesting areas, with South London providing a fantastic range of property and rental options. I fell in love with Brixton in 2006 when I have moved to one of London’s most popular go-to area. I will be posting here for you on a regular basis the price guides, conveyancing, surveys, mortgages, rental yields and vital latest property information, property legislations and compliance so please follow Brixton Property Blog if you would like to stay updated.

I love helping people achieve their dreams and helping them work through key obstacles, so that they can live life on a whole new level, we all deserve it!

I help YOU invest without the stress

So if you are looking for a property advise or find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of work or knowledge you have to know with all of the recent changes in Property Legislation, please do not hesitate to contact me. I have over a decade of experience in properties, I have done it for myself and for many of our landlords and I will be happy to help you too.

Matylda Nowak

Local Property Expert

Local Areas


Found in the heart of South London, Brixton It’s the birthplace of David Bowie, 
 and an area that provides a home for everyone. No matter what sort of social life you want, you’ll find it in this area of the capital and there is a very strong search of community in and around Brixton. This is an area that is continually evolving but the spirit and sense of warmth in the area is still prominent today.


It used to be that Camberwell was an overlooked area of South London, perhaps even neglected when looking for an area to set up home. The history of Denmark Hill Station dates back to 1865 and the station underwent significant restoration work between 2011 and 2013. Another hugely important piece of Camberwell history is King’s College Hospital, which has been located on the present site since 1909.


If you would like to stay posh – choose Clapham, if you decide to be cool – choose Brixton, this is what locals would tell you. With names like Clapham Junction and Clapham Common being known all over the world, not just South London, there is a lot for Clapham to live up to. Thankfully, the area offers a great deal of reasons why you should be seen here and even consider setting up home in this part of the English capital.

4Denmark Hill

The true extent of Denmark Hill may be debated by some people but as Denmark Hill is a Road and a station only but there is no doubt that this part of Camberwell is an ideal location for people looking to make the most of South London life and anyone keen to find a good base for what London has to offer will appreciate what Denmark Hill can provide.

5Herne Hill

With a home in both Lambeth and Southwark, Herne Hill is a part of London that is considered in high regards with respect to being a trendy place to stay. Any area that is considered to be of interest as an up and coming area will have experienced an increase in prices but there are still some affordable options in this part of South London.

6Tulse Hill

Many parts of South London are best known for the social options they host but Tulse Hill is slightly different. Having a home here still leaves you perfectly situated for so many great nights out in London but you’ll find that Tulse Hill is one of the quieter areas of Lambeth and South London in general. With this in mind, Tulse Hill is a fantastic area for families, and if you want an area with a safe reputation, this is a great option.

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