Get On Your Bike In Brixton

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There are many issues that impact on the demand for property and rental accommodation.

Some landlords will examine property prices and rental yields, which is informative, but landlords who want to predict what is coming next or what could impact on them in the future delve deeper into their local community. There is always a lot going on in Brixton, and this is good for the community. Most people see Brixton as a vibrant destination with a great nightlife, and this is something that draws people to the area. If you are a landlord operating in and around Brixton staying in touch with local events and news stories is crucial, even ones pertaining to a bike.

This is why the fact that Brixton Market has been sold for close to £40 million will be of interest to landlords who operate in the area. Brixton Village and Market Row has been offloaded to a group of real-estate companies, and this may have implications for the 140 shops and restaurants that operate in the market. With rental income for the market generating more than £1m a year, there is money to be made and while there will be positive thoughts about the purchase in some quarters, other people will wonder if the purchase will lead to rising rents, and what impact this will have on people and the community.

Property deals impact on the whole community

Given the deal has only just concluded, it is too early to investigate the impact, but landlords are advised to keep this deal in mind. It may be that there are changes coming to Brixton and it never hurts to be familiar with what could occur.

Brixton bike

A more pressing matter that many landlords may consider is the introduction of “Boris Bikes” in Brixton. The Santander sponsored bikes are finally arriving in Brixton and there will be space for 200 of these bikes across the various stations being introduced in Brixton. This will be the first time that the 80,000 population of Brixton will have access to these cycles on their doorstep and it is fair to say that many people are happy with this service.

Docking stations for the bikes in Brixton will be found in:

  • St John’s Crescent
  • Ferndale Road
  • Saltoun Road

There will also be docking stations located in Cranmer Road, Wynne Road, Normandy Road and Sidney Road. With a recent study showing that the use of bikes as a form of transport across London is rising, more than 10.3 million journeys were made on a bike in 2017, this is positive news for the local community.

Finding a bike in Brixton becomes easier

Landlords who have property close to a docking station have another feature that they can promote alongside their property. It is vital that landlords understand the impact that external elements have on the demand for property and on what they can charge. For some tenants, the introduction of the London Bike scheme will not mean a lot but for other people, it will make a massive difference to their daily routine.

It may not be the most exciting aspect of life in Brixton in 2018 but knowing that the bikes which are synonymous with modern London can be found locally will please many people.