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The Brixton Monopoly Board

Board games seem a thing of the past for youngsters nowadays with their consoles and mobile phones yet a family favourite in our household that will bring young and old together is Monopoly.

Mayfair is the square everyone wants to buy and whilst it is the most expensive to buy – it offers the greatest returns….

Brixton and Lambeth Council House Waiting List Drops by 2.2% since 2011

In 1979, more than 4 in 10 British people lived in a council house, yet today that figure is only 1 in 12!

According to Shelter 65% of families on the Council House waiting lists had been on those lists for more than a year and 27% had been waiting for more…

Brixton Homeowners Sell Their Home 3% More Than the UK Average

The average homeowner in the UK moves every 20.2 years…

That average in the 1970’s and 80’s was around every 10 to 11 years; in the 1990’s it increased to the mid-teens (in terms of years) and in the early part of the Millennium, it dropped again to the low teens. When we had the Credit…

Only 43.3% of Brixton Households are Eco-friendly

Improving the energy efficiency of Britain’s 27.2 million homes, which are responsible for more than a quarter of the country’s CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, is seen as key to tackling the issues of climate change, fuel poverty and our country’s energy security.

This is particularly important as in June the Government announced they…

Brixton Property Market

Do We Have the Right Sort of Brixton Homes For the 21st Century?

Would it surprise you to know that in some parts of Brixton, predominantly prosperous areas with high proportions of mature residents, the housing crisis is not one of supply so much as dispersal of that supply? Theoretically, in Brixton there are…

19% less homes for sale in Brixton than a year ago


One of the key factors of the health of the Brixton property market is the number of properties for sale at any one time. The issue with housing is that when demand goes up, unlike with a chocolate bar factory, who can add a couple of hours overtime to increase supply/production to satisfy demand, it…

Brixton Property Prices and Rents: Autumn 2018

It is important to stay up to date and fully informed of the latest property prices and rents. This article looks at the Brixton property prices and rents as of autumn 2018.

London sign

London House Listings Hit Three Year High

While it is important to be aware that there is no one single factor that shapes the property market, it is good to know that not every factor has the same influence or power on the market. While Brexit is the influencing factor that the media focuses on, the current shape of the London and…

Brixton Landlords: Does Letting Fees Ban Affect You?

If you are a landlord, you know how challenging the market is. A lot of outsiders see rising rental fees and assume that landlords are making huge profits but of course, this is far from the full story. Having worked closely with many Brixton landlords, I know how difficult it is for landlords to meet…

London property

“First dibs” policy for London properties, locals can place an offer for houses before foreign investors?

Property in London is in significant demand.