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How To Not Lose £20,000 Of The Value Of Your Brixton Home

355 Brixton Properties Sold in Stamp Duty Holiday Bonanza

On the 8th of July 2020, the Chancellor announced the first £500,000 of any property bought was exempt from Stamp Duty until 31st March 2021. This also included buy to let landlords (although they would still need to pay the additional 3% stamp duty level for second properties). Talking to many of you Brixton homeowners,…

32.9% of Brixton and Lambeth homeowners are mortgage free

How Many Brixton Homeowners Have Paid Their Mortgage Off?

The Government’s Annual Housing Survey is 50 years old this year! 

It has taken a snap shot of the UK’s property market every year since 1969 and in the recently published report for 2018, it wasn’t a surprise that owner occupation is still the most predominant…

New iPhone11 or mortgage deposit?

The money to buy a new iPhone11 represents just over an eighteenth of a Brixton first-time buyers mortgage deposit

Many mature readers of this Brixton property market blog will remember buying their first home as 20 or 30 somethings, probably in Brixton many years ago, yet read the newspapers now and feel it is…

Brixton OAP’s are sitting on £581.3m of equity

41.1% of Brixton OAP’s own their own home … and they are worth £581.3m

Yes, that number is staggering isn’t it ….

Of the 2,708 households in Brixton where the head of the household is 65 years or older, an astounding 1,113 (or 41.1%) of those are owned, which is far below the national average…

Are Brixton Builder’s Constructing the Wrong Type of Property?

The British housing market has never been so newsworthy.

Every other day, there is an article in the newspaper or online about impending house price drops, house price rises, building on green belt, mortgage rates up/down, first time buyer affordability and the woes of being a buy to let landlord, to mention but a…

Unemployment – the Secret Driver of the Brixton Property Market?

If you have been reading my articles on the Brixton property market recently, you will see that in the three years since the referendum of the ‘B’ word (that word is banned in our household), we have proved beyond doubt that it (whose name shall remain nameless) has had no effect on the Brixton property…

happy tenants

Landlords: How To Keep A Warm House For Tenants

Winter is often a magical time of year, but it is also often a cold and miserable time of year. If your living conditions are not the best, winter can be very difficult, so it is best to know how to care for your home in the most effective manner. This means keeping a warm…

London sign

London Market: Will Foreign Buyers Levy Cause Issues?

There were a few property market measures introduced in the Autumn Budget of 2018, but for many people, the foreign levy was the most interesting aspect. This is a measure that is clearly being aimed at the London market.

selling your home

5 Tips To Help If Your House Isn’t Attracting Buyers

Even though there are many people looking to buy property, selling your home can be an arduous process. In an ideal world, with demand outstripping supply, all vendors would be able to sell their home in an effective manner, but we know that this isn’t the case.

safety at home

Housing Health and Safety Rating System Regulations Under Review

Health and safety is the most critical issue for most landlords and tenants. There may be some letting professionals who are more focused on making money, and these are the ones who inevitably get the media headlines.