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What are the Deposit rules in conjunction with tenant fee ban

With the tenant fee ban coming into effect on the 1st of June, it is important that landlords are aware of the rules and regulations. There are different issues to contend with and the matter of deposits will be under the spotlight. This has been an area of great debate and discussion in recent years…

Deregulation Act

The importance of record keeping under Deregulation Act 2015

Being a landlord is difficult. Meeting the needs of tenants is a challenge and with so many regulations and rules to consider when offering rental accommodation, landlords need all the help they can.

Deregulation Act 2015 Act contains provisions for landlords and tenant relating to deposits, retaliatory evictions and Section 21 notices. There are many things…

safety at home

Housing Health and Safety Rating System Regulations Under Review

Health and safety is the most critical issue for most landlords and tenants. There may be some letting professionals who are more focused on making money, and these are the ones who inevitably get the media headlines.

Another landlord ordered £36,000 fine, charged with Criminal Behaviour Order and banned from letting out property.

When it comes to caring for rental accommodation, it is normally the landlord who has to encourage or motivate tenants to keep the premises looking clean and tidy. One of the biggest problems a landlord must endure is a messy tenant who doesn’t care for their home.

landlords rental fee back

Landlords must pay rent back if HMO licence has not been obtained by 1st October 2018

It is essential that landlords remain up to date with regulations, and on the 1st of October 2018, there were changes to the licensing relating to multi-occupied properties. Even if you don’t have an HMO property in your portfolio now, make sure you are aware of the changes, because there will likely be changes to…

How to increase rental value

Recent years have changed drastically the property market, tenants are prepared to pay more for good quality property, landlords must offer something that tenants want and are willing to pay more rent to have it.

London property

Looking To Become A London Landlord: Help Is Available

While no one is saying being a landlord in London is easy, or that a London landlord are guaranteed to enjoy success, it is fair to say that some people see that it provides an opportunity to generate income.

The five top mistakes with deposit that can cost landlords thousands of pounds

If you are a landlord, you should realise how important it is to manage a tenant’s deposit in the correct manner. A failure to do can cost you a lot of money, even thousands of pounds, and this could have an enormous impact on your business. With many landlords struggling financially, very few would be…

buy to let

Buy To Let Market Welcoming Youngsters

While anecdotal evidence will be enough to tell you that young adults are more likely to make a move in the buy to let market as opposed to buying property, this has been confirmed by recent findings of the IFS, the Institute of Fiscal Studies.

Why there are landlords who still don’t consider property upgrade?

The above photo is a true photo of before and after makeover, rent difference 280 pcm, rented in 2 days, how would your property be rated?

There is a lot to be said for ratings and reviews. Given that many people lead busy lives, being able to get…