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Brixton OAP’s are sitting on £581.3m of equity

41.1% of Brixton OAP’s own their own home … and they are worth £581.3m

Yes, that number is staggering isn’t it ….

Of the 2,708 households in Brixton where the head of the household is 65 years or older, an astounding 1,113 (or 41.1%) of those are owned, which is far below the national average…

20,700 houses and apartments sold in Brixton, Only 5.4% New Builds

5.4% of all Properties Sold in Brixton are New Builds

Brixton residents might be surprised that only 5.4% new builds were sold in Brixton, when new builds seem to be everywhere!

New development completed this year on the site of a former council office, which offers 94 new homes in the centre of Brixton, 40%…

Brixton Property Prices and Rents: Autumn 2018

It is important to stay up to date and fully informed of the latest property prices and rents. This article looks at the Brixton property prices and rents as of autumn 2018.

Asking Prices In London Are Too High: Manage Expectations

There has been so much written and said about property prices in London that it is easy to see why many people have been left jaded or bored with the discussion. However, given the importance of property, it is natural that people retain an interest and want to be fully informed when it comes to…

falling house prices

House Prices Falling: How Can Sellers Get Value?

While there was an unexpected rise in property prices in January of 2018, with the average home in England and Wales costing more than £300,000; it was a different story in London. London witnessed its biggest drop in property prices in close to a decade, with the fall being deemed to have been the biggest…

Lambeth Property Prices At Year End 2017

At the end of the year, there is no harm in looking back. Whether you had a great year or a challenging time, looking back can give you some great memories and it can also spur you on to greater achievements. Whether you are looking to learn from your mistakes or keep doing things that…