Lambeth Property Prices At Year End 2017

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At the end of the year, there is no harm in looking back. Whether you had a great year or a challenging time, looking back can give you some great memories and it can also spur you on to greater achievements. Whether you are looking to learn from your mistakes or keep doing things that give you great results, taking stock at the end of the year is rarely a bad idea.

When it comes to the property market, year-end prices are very informative and can provide you with guidance on what to do next. This is why the Lambeth property prices at year end 2017 will be of relevancy and benefit to many people.

Lambeth represents an affordable option for many buyers
For the borough itself, Zoopla states that the average property price over the past 12 months has been £652,893 while for Lambeth town; the average price of property in 2017 has been £687,092. It would be fair to say that there have been influential factors impacting on London property prices in the past year and some people will argue that Lambeth is holding up well. We live in an era when there has been a strong debate as to whether the golden age of London property is over but it can be argued that Lambeth offers a number of areas that have an appealing price. For comparison, Zoopla states the average price of property in London over the past 12 months is £640,381; so both Lambeth borough and town are higher than the capital’s average.

Of course, there is more to this part of London than just Lambeth and it is the diversity of areas in the borough that makes many people take an interest in living here.

You’ll find affordable options in Lambeth borough
It is understandable that different people have different budgets and it may be that you are looking for a more affordable option. In the London borough of Lambeth, a lot of people have found plenty to like about Streatham, including the average price of property. This is because buyers have paid an average of £527,216 for property here in the past year. In West Norwood, again according to Zoopla, the average price of property in the past 12 months has been classed as £550,012.

All of the different parts of Lambeth have their own charms and unique selling points but you can see why Brixton is a natural choice for many people. On this blog, you’ll find many posts detailing the wonders of this part of London, so we’ll solely focus on price here. In the past 12 months, the average price of property in Brixton has been classed as £586,352; which is definitely an attractive price for a Zone 2 area.

When you take on board that Lambeth is an Inner London area with fantastic links across the capital, there is a lot of value for money to be found. No matter what your personal opinion about 2017, and the London property market, has been; the London borough of Lambeth is in good shape at year-end.

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