People Move Home Less – This is half of the level from a decade ago!

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If you only have a casual understanding of the current condition of the UK property market, you would still know that people move home less often than they used to.

With property prices being high and a limited supply of property, homeowners are staying in place for longer. At Brixton Property Blog, I understand the challenges faced by buyers and sellers in the market these days but even though people are moving home less often these days, I am here to help you move home right.

A study undertaken by Savills on behalf of BBC News indicates how steep the fall in property owners moving home as been. Prior to the property market crash of 2008, homeowners were moving, on average, 3.6 times. In the present day, homeowners are moving home 1.8 times. This is half of the level from a decade ago, and it presents a challenge for many people and sectors. While there will be many people involved with the removals service that are not impressed with this situation, it is buyers and sellers who must respond in an appropriate manner to ensure they achieve their property dreams.

An experienced estate agent will help you move home effectively

One of the most effective steps people can do before they make a move is enlist the services of a skilled and experienced estate agent. Ideally, you should choose an estate agent that is very familiar with an area, allowing them to offer insight and tailored guidance to your needs.

People move home less

While speaking with experts and receiving specialist advice is of benefit, you should also consider what you are looking for. You need to know what your budget is, you should have an idea of what sort of property you are looking for and what you need from the local community. People and households have unique needs, so it isn’t always easy to look online and find what is best for you. You are better off considering your own needs and then bringing these to a professional who will help you narrow down the feasible options.

Flexibility is important when looking at property

There may also be a need to be flexible when it comes to moving in the present day. A reason why fewer people are moving is because they cannot find the right home at the right price for their needs. If you don’t have to move and nothing appeals to you, don’t move. However, if you do have to move, you may have to compromise on certain aspects. A good tip is to create a list of elements that you must have in your new home and a list of items that would be nice to have but which aren’t essential.

If you are concerned about the fall in numbers with respect to people moving to a new house, come and speak with the Brixton property specialists. At Brixton Property Blog, I am here to help, and I look forward to assisting you step on to the property ladder as quickly as possible.


Matylda Nowak

CEO, Kings Accommodation

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