Brixton in Spring: Things To Do

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One of the best things about Brixton is that there is no shortage of activities to enjoy in the local area. No matter what age you are or what you find of interest, Brixton is a thriving and bustling area that plays host to a strong community. Of course, with the weather finally improving, it is only natural that people will look for ways to spend time outside of the house. At Brixton Property Blog, we are delighted to say that there is no shortage of ways that you can enjoy yourself in or around Brixton in spring and here are some things you can do.

As you would expect, Brixton Library has a fantastic range of activities on for people of all ages, with a strong focus on children’s groups and events. There is a weekly arts and craft session taking place with Saturday the 24th of March being the next available date while there is also a Stay and Play session for children aged under five and their parents on the same date.

Explore Brixton and see the local community

Anyone looking to explore more of the local area will find the Secret Lambeth Walk – Windmill, Philosophers & The Stone Walk to be of interest. The next tour is scheduled for Sunday 25th of March, allowing you to find out about the local history while getting some exercise. Hopefully the worst of the weather will be behind us by this point.

The Edmundsbury Estate Community Centre offers a weekly Girls Friendly Society, during term-time, which provides a relaxed and welcoming environment for local females. With games, workshops, talks and a wide range of activities, this is seen as an ideal way for young women to develop confidence and network, which is of benefit to Brixton.

If you are seeking the chance to learn about gardening and develop skills in growing your own vegetables, Myatt’s Fields Greenhouse Growers sessions on Sunday the 25th of March is likely to be of interest. More and more people are looking to sustain themselves properly and the skills and tips that can be learned at this style of event could have a positive impact on people’s lives. There is no shortage of local shops and suppliers to support in Brixton, but it makes sense to save money as and when you can, which is why this type of event may be of particular interest to many within the local community.

Brixton is a fantastic area for nightlife

The Brixton Disco Festival, taking place on Saturday 28th of April, is sure to be a fantastic day and/or night out for many people in the area. The event celebrates more than 40 years of disco and there will be live music, DJs spinning records, food, drink and talks taking place across a range of venues all surrounding Windrush Square.

If you are looking for a standard night out at a gig in Brixton, there are plenty of big shows to look out for in the next few weeks. George Ezra, Method Man, Friendly Fires, Hinds, The Stranglers and The Streets will all be playing in Brixton very soon. The O2 Academy is the venue that most people will look towards, but Electric Brixton is also a fantastic place to watch up and coming acts.

We believe that Brixton is a fantastic place to stay in and if you are looking for guidance on making a move in or around the area, we are here to help. No matter what your next move is, call on Brixton Property Blog and we will do what we can to ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for.