How Online Staging Will Help To Sell Your Property Quicker

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Have you been wondering why your property has been on the market for long?

Home online staging is becoming a must-do and must-have in real estate for sellers. Home staging is preparing and furnishing an empty or vacated home that is for sale. Around 77% of buyer’s agents confirmed that online staging is making it easier for potential buyers to visualize the property as their future home. Online staged homes sell faster and increase a home’s selling price value than those unstaged homes.

When it comes to selling your property, not everyone is going to love the style of your home, you need to portray a perfect balance of homey and cozy to attract home buyers and potentially increase its value. That is where home online staging comes into action.

Pictures worth a thousand words, but in this case, it can potentially add a stash to your bank account. If people entice by the image and video staging online, there’s a great chance they’ll want to see it in person.

There are a lot of benefits of online staging; it has only become famous recently and has been widely used by various people and agencies when coronavirus hit the country, a decade ago, nobody did care about online home staging. 95% of home searching is mainly done using the Internet, that only means that your home had to have the best online home staging available online on top of your listings and a couple of high-definition images that come along with it. Good staging and professionally taken photos can help you increase the marketability of the property and also, increase its value.

According to statistics, homes that have not been staged before listing down for sale sat on the market at an average of 143 days and expect that the price is not as ideal compared to carefully curated homes. Can you believe that? If you staged your home before listing, expect it to be sold in 40 days. Yes, that fast! Of course, you can expect differences vary to different locations, but “faster” is the keyword here.

Staging surely affects sale price, buyers offer more money for staged homes compared to regularly listed homes. Invest in accented furniture that goes well with the home concept to be able to sell it more your sale price. And if you are lucky, the potential buyer might ask to buy the furniture, too which is a great marketing strategy.

You will see many new build properties are now staged, Property Staging with real furniture comes with a price but online staging is a lot cheaper. It’s impossible to put an exact price tag on how much does it cost since there are a lot of variables: the location of the property located, whether it’s a vacant property or occupied, and let’s not forget the furniture to be used, whether a stager will do a walk-through every corner, a whole house makeover using your own furniture or supplied by the stager or you only want to show all the rooms done or just the living room and the kitchen, it truly depends on your preference and which works for you. The advantage of having a vacated property is you can add accessories that will truly match the accent of the interior but the disadvantage is, every nook and crook can be noticed. Hence, you can see all the imperfections and every flaw which helped you find an angle that will be really helpful to stage it perfectly.

Considering the time, energy, and expertise that will require staging a home online, getting professional help from an expert will save you tons of effort and waiting time.

The cost it will require staging by a professional who has a great track record in this business, with amazing design sense can mean the home you are selling will sell quicker. If staging helps you sell your home sooner than usual in the market, why wait?

Kings Accommodation is based in Brixton that provides property staging as part of their services, if you are selling in the Brixton area or area near it, get in touch with them.

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