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A lot of issues can arise between landlords and tenants but many of these problems are down to a lack of communication or disagreements about property condition. A lot of these issues can be removed by having a thorough inventory taken of the property at the time of moving in. When the landlord and tenant agree on the inventory, there is always an agreed point to return to, which will hopefully minimise the likelihood of disputes arising. When you need help in maintaining peace, come to Brixton Property Blog for the best guidance on inventories and what professionals to trust.

What is going to happen to Stamp Duty on 11th March?

Brixton Property Market
What is going to happen to Stamp Duty on the 11th March and how will affect the value of your Brixton Property?

 3% additional Stamp Duty surcharge on non-UK resident buyers?

Some are asking if Sunak will impose what was promised with the 3% additional Stamp Duty surcharge on non-UK…

35,273 People Live in Rented Accommodation in Brixton


That number surprised you didn’t it? With the General Election done, I thought it time to reflect on renting in the manifestos and party-political broadcasts and ask why?

As the best way to tell the future is to look at to the past, so we decided to look at the number of…

Rents in Brixton’s increased by 3.29% in the past 12 months

Over the past five years, the thumbscrews on the buy to let market for British (and de facto) Brixton investors have slowly turned with new barriers and challenges for buy to let investors. With the change in taxation rules on mortgage relief starting to bite plus a swathe of over 320…

19% less homes for sale in Brixton than a year ago


One of the key factors of the health of the Brixton property market is the number of properties for sale at any one time. The issue with housing is that when demand goes up, unlike with a chocolate bar factory, who can add a couple of hours overtime to increase supply/production to satisfy demand, it…