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Bad condition properties just don’t sell

I am pleased to say that I have helped many homeowners sell their home over the years. This experience in selling homes is vital in the current market and climate. Selling your home can be challenging, but I have operated through difficult times in the market in the past, and I know what it takes…

Another landlord ordered £36,000 fine, charged with Criminal Behaviour Order and banned from letting out property.

When it comes to caring for rental accommodation, it is normally the landlord who has to encourage or motivate tenants to keep the premises looking clean and tidy. One of the biggest problems a landlord must endure is a messy tenant who doesn’t care for their home.

No Deal Brexit: What Impact On Property Market

It would be fair to say that even though Brexit hasn’t happened yet, it has had an enormous impact on the UK property market. As of October 2018, it isn’t possible to say how much impact that Brexit will have on house prices, because there are many factors shaping the property market and prices.

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Landlords In London – New Energy Safety Checks Guidelines Are Coming

Being a landlord in London isn’t easy. While there are many prospective tenants looking for rental accommodation, meeting the needs of these tenants, and complying with an ever-increasing array of regulations means that landlords have a lot to contend in the capital. No matter where you are located or what sort of tenant you are…

The five top mistakes with deposit that can cost landlords thousands of pounds

If you are a landlord, you should realise how important it is to manage a tenant’s deposit in the correct manner. A failure to do can cost you a lot of money, even thousands of pounds, and this could have an enormous impact on your business. With many landlords struggling financially, very few would be…

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How to protect deposit

Many landlords are still very confused how to protect the deposit, or they protect it to late because they have been counting 30 days from the date the tenancy started not from the day deposit was paid.

There has been a lot of discussion of late over fees and bills that landlords can charge tenants. New…

July Summer Fair Month

So far in July, the weather has been fantastic, and the World Cup has been very exciting. It is fair to say that the summer of 2018 has been brilliant so far and there are huge hopes that it will become even more enjoyable in the next few days and weeks, and the Jubilee Primary…

New Government Measures To Increase House Sales?

With so many opinions and views on the UK property market, it is difficult to know for sure what changes can be made to improve the market. This hasn’t stopped the Government from intervening in the property market on several occasions in recent years, but there is no consensus on the true impact of these…

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Buying or selling a property? You must know this!

No matter what you aim to do in the property market, whether you are buying or selling, it is best to make an informed decision. There is no way of knowing if your decision is 100% the right decision but by gathering information and reviewing your options, you improve your chances of achieving success. At…

Brixton landlords

Brixton Landlords: More Regulation Impacts On Your Business

Being a landlord can be lucrative but there are many challenges and hurdles for landlords to overcome. The government has been layering an ever increasing burden on landlords in particular with excessive levels of compliance and legislation.

At Brixton Property Blog, we work closely with many landlords operating in the local area, and we know the…