Brixton Homeowners Looking To Sell By Christmas? Act Now

Brixton homeowners selling
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While it is fair to say that Christmas is still a long time away, there are some people who need to arrange their festive activities. If you are in charge of booking the office Christmas party, you will need to do this soon or you run the risk of missing out on a good venue. Similarly, if you are keen to sell your home before the festive period begins, you need to act soon because you may be running out of time, even at this early stage of the year!

This is because the average time taken to conclude a property deal in the UK, from the moment an offer is accepted to the moving date, is 13 weeks. Now that we are into September, there are less than 16 weeks to Christmas Day and Brixton homeowners looking to sell need to be active.

Brixton homeowners should take steps to prepare yourself for a sale

Brixton homeowners selling

Therefore, there isn’t a lot of time to waste going by the average length of time for a property deal and of course, many property deals will take longer than the average deal. Even if you have a reputable estate agent working on your behalf, the amount of external issues and matters that can arise means you cannot say for certain that everything will be concluded in a timely manner.

So, if you are a Brixton homeowner looking to sell your property before the festive period begins, it is important that you act quickly. There are several ways that you can improve the chances of selling your home quickly, so follow these tips:

  • Take advantage of the last good days of autumn to ensure any garden or external area is in excellent condition
  • Declutter your home to ensure you have as much space as possible
  • Clean your property to the highest standard
  • Be clear on your finances and make sure you are confident in what you can afford when moving home

You will find that you are not alone in wanting to sell your property in time for the festive period. There are many Brixton homeowners looking to do the same, and this means that the level of competition in the selling market may be high at the moment. Some industry experts have cited this trend as having a possible impact on the average asking price of property.

In recent times, there has been a sizable gap between the asking price of property and the price property is being sold at. In the past month, the average asking price has fallen with many industry specialists suggesting that this is due to vendors dropping their initial price in an attempt to sell their home in time for the festive period.

There is no denying that Christmas plans and preparations dominate the thoughts of many people, even at this time of year, so it is no surprise to see it impacting on the property market. If you are looking for guidance in selling your home in Brixton in time for the festive season, get in touch as I am more than happy to provide you with guidance and support.

Matylda Nowak

CEO, Kings Accommodation

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